Beaverton First United Methodist Church
Monday, May 25, 2020
Thinking . Loving . Praying

Love Unbound: Summer Sermon Series

Love Unbound: Summer Sermon Series for July & August
This July and August we are going to engage in a powerful conversation.

What if love is better than we even imagined?
What if grace is just the tip of the iceberg?
What if there is more hope than we knew?
What if God is behind it all?

We will be using Elaine Heath’s book called  “God Unbound” [link]. It is $7.99 on Kindle and $9.99 paperback so anyone who wants to follow along can!
The subtitle of the book is about wisdom (and I would add ‘hope’) for an anxious age. We live in a time of great anxiety and uncertainty.
This 8 week series is going to take a rewarding and encouraging look at a faithful response to changing times.

We hope that you will join us for this conversation.

Please email with any questions