Beaverton First United Methodist Church
Monday, February 06, 2023
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Membership at BFUMC



Baptism is a promise between God and person being baptized, a special bond we call a covenant, that God will proclaim us as God’s very own through God’s Grace and we will respond with our faith and love.  In the Sacrament of Baptism the congregation also makes a covenant to help nurture the faith, and walk with that person in Christian fellowship through every stage of life. 

The United Methodist Church does not “re-baptize,” so if you have been baptized in another faith or church we recognize and affirm the bond you have already made with God.  Baptized persons are ready and encouraged to be come members of First UMC whenever they feel called to do so. 

Persons of all ages can be baptized at First United Methodist Church.  If you are seeking baptism for yourself or a member of your family, please get in touch with the pastor at 503-646-7107.

Becoming a Member 

Deciding to become a member at Beaverton First is a very important step.  Membership is a commitment to this congregation, to this church in this place and time, and most importantly to Jesus Christ.  Membership is a covenant between you and God and the people of Beaverton First UMC.   We have four expectations of members: to make the church a part of your life by being in worship every Sunday if you’re not sick or out of town; by serving the congregation by serving on a Church Leadership Team; by deepening your personal faith through study; by deepening your personal relationship with Christ through all the means of Grace including giving as you are able. 


The Main Sanctuary and the Wesley Chapel are both available for weddings.  Our Main Sanctuary features the exquisite stained glass art of the renowned artist, A.A. Gerlach.  We also have a large and beautiful community room – Wesley Hall – that is available for receptions, however, no alcoholic beverages are allowed on the premises. If you are interested in looking at our Sanctuary, Chapel or community room, please contact the church office at or 503-646-7107.

If you are ready to set the date, please contact the pastor at or 503-646-7107. The pastor believes that your wedding day should be beautiful, memorable and meaningful, but your marriage is what that day is really all about. Time spent growing a strong marriage should be a goal for every couple. Before your wedding, the pastor requires pre-marital counseling sessions.  She looks forward to meeting with you.