Beaverton First United Methodist Church
Friday, January 21, 2022
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Ministry Teams


Ministry Teams are the way the Church Organizes The Work it Does in the Name of Christ.

Each team is made up of volunteers who organize, create opportunities and recruit more volunteers to make mission and ministry at Beaverton First work.  We need nine people for each team.  Can you help?  Thanks

Risk-Taking Missions and Service…

Beaverton has more homeless teens than any other city in Oregon.  We feed them.  Merlo Station Weekend Food Pantry, HomePlate Youth Services weekly hot meals, Community Assistance Fund, Safeway Food Card, Caring Callers to Avamere Rehabilitation Center others in need of knowing Christ’s love.  To volunteer click on the link below.

Radical Hospitality…

Outreaching hospitality to visitors, in-reaching hospitality to our members and long-time friends…  Cards and phone calls, ushers and greeters, potlucks and parties; Cider at the Beaverton Christmas Tree lighting and a float in the Parade, this is our connection to our community!  To volunteer click on the link below.

Intentional Faith Development…

We know and love God when we know the stories.  Classes for adults, youth and children connect us to our faith and help us along the journey.  Small groups connect us to others also on the journey of faith.  See our “What’s Ahead” page for current classes and groups.  To volunteer click on the link below.

Passionate Worship…

An altar that sets the theme, communion elements that invite everyone to the table, a growing sense from the moment you walk in that worship today is going to be very special.  Worship that is meaningful, memorable and… passionate!  To volunteer click on the link below.


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