Beaverton First United Methodist Church
Monday, February 06, 2023
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Ministry Teams


Ministry Teams are the way the Church Organizes The Work it Does in the Name of Christ.

Each team is made up of volunteers who organize, create opportunities and recruit more volunteers to make mission and ministry at Beaverton First work.

Risk-Taking Missions and Service…

  • Beaverton has more homeless teens than any other city in Oregon. We help provide food for them every month at HomePlate Youth Services.
  • Twice each month we partner with Oregon Food Bank to receive pallets of donated food which we unpack and set up to make convenient for any community members in need. We feed 65 to 100 households each month and also provide them with current COVID-19 information and protection items when available.
  • Working with the Beaverton School District’s Newcomer Program we collect and donate needed clothing, bedding and household items for immigrant and refugee youths and their families.
  • To help with these vital services please click on the link below.

Radical Hospitality…

  • Is the way we welcome each person whether you are a long -time member or a new person who walks in for the first time. You are welcomed. If you have been seeking a place where you will soon feel like part of a caring community, this is the place to come.
  • Our hospitality extends to those in the local community as well. We offer our building as a place where people can provide and receive needed services and support such as health screenings, blood donations, and COVID-19 vaccines.
  • If you struggle with addiction, several 12-step meetings are held at our church each week.
  • For more information please call our office at 503‑646‑7107.

Intentional Faith Development…

We know and love God by knowing the stories. Classes are offered periodically to help connect us to our faith and learn how to best live out our faith in today's world. Small fellowship groups meet to connect us to others on the journey of faith. Please call our office at 503-646-7107 for current information.

Passionate Worship…

An altar that sets the theme, communion elements that invite everyone to the table, a growing sense from the moment you walk in that worship today is going to be very special. Worship that is meaningful, memorable and… passionate! Come and join us.

Social Justice in Action…

A group of individuals seeking to learn how to live a racially conscious life and what it means to become allies of the LGBTQIA+ community meet once a month over Zoom. Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings. Please call our office at 503-646-7107 to request a link, or email Joan @ for more information.



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