Beaverton First United Methodist Church
Monday, February 06, 2023
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Administrative Teams


Administrative Teams are the way the Church Organizes its Operations

Each team is made up of volunteers who help keep the money and financial books, the staff, the building and all the volunteers it takes to run the church organized!  Really!  It’s a big job, but not so big that we don’t have a lot of fun doing it.  We need nine people for each team.  Can you help?  Thank you!

The Finance Team…

A budget that funds all the churches missions, ministries and building needs, fund-raisers that bring in money, but are also fun and exciting, care for God’s money, prayerfully given by all of us, so that Christ’s work can be done.  To volunteer click on the link below.

The Staff-Parish Relations Team…

A pastor that fits the needs of the church, a music director and pianist/organist that see the same musical vision, an office staff who are organized, careful, confidential and quick, a cleaning crew who knows that cleanliness is next to Godliness and a sincere prayer that we don’t need to hire all of them in one year!  To volunteer, click on the link below.

The Trustees Team…

A love for God’s home and Christ’s earthly headquarters.  A desire to make it attractive, up-to-date, safe and in good repair.  The Trustees also invest our Endowment Funds so God’s home is safe for the future.  The Nehemiah Landscape Team cares for our gardens and grounds so that they are always beautiful.  To volunteer, click on the link below.

The Nominations Team…

A passion for serving Christ in this place in this time.  A passion for missions, hospitality, worship, education, the money needed for Christ’s work, the people hired to help that work along, the place we’ve chosen from which to work… and a passion for finding the right people for each of those teams.  The volunteers that find the volunteers.  To volunteer, click on the link below.

Volunteer for a Team!