Beaverton First United Methodist Church
Monday, February 06, 2023
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Jesus tells us in the Gospel of John that he came so that we might have life, this earthly life, and live it to the fullest!  (John 10:10).  We all know that this life is richer and fuller when we consider others as well as, even before, ourselves.  Caring for others, for our planet, for other living creatures, this is called Stewardship.  It is all about caring for the gifts that God has given us so freely.  To be good stewards we need to give back… and that happens in three ways… giving our time in service and our personal talents in leadership, and giving financially.  Those are the three parts of the Stewardship equation.


We have four ways you can give financially at Beaverton First UMC.  


Go to the Online Giving link at the bottom of this page.  It will take you to a giving form.  From there you can prayerfully decide the amount and frequency of your financial gift.  This way of giving is both safe and easy.

Electronic Funds Transfer

Ask your banker if your bank has an option for making specific monthly/weekly transfers using Electronic Funds Transfer.  If they do this is also a simple, safe way to ensure your financial gift/pledge always gets to the church on time.


Donations may be mailed to Beaverton First United Methodist Church at 12555 SW 4th St., Beaverton, OR 97005

The Offering Plate

You may always bring your financial gift to church with you and place it in the offering plate.